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Hear from others about Upper Hand Lacrosse 

Jason Yoquinto

Jacksonville University Goalie

"Coach Pat has really elevated my game.  He helped me with the small details that I needed to work on.  He also was spectacular in the way he teaches, it's not his way or the highway, it's an open dialogue on how to make you the best goalie you can be.  I loved being coached by him and he is also the only person I will let string up my sticks.  I literally don't let anybody even touch my bottom strings; I have to go to him."

John Galloway

Jacksonville University
Head Coach &
Retired PLL Chrome Goalie

"I had the pleasure of working with Pat both on staff at JU and as my trainer while still playing in the PLL for the Chrome.  He is patient, thoughtful and always available.  He was a big reason I was able to extend my playing career!


I am a crazy man about my sticks, but I had no idea how to fix anything.  Pat was my stick doctor for the last 3-4 years.  It was incredible how quickly I could take a brand new strung stick from Pat and use it in a pro game.  He spares no small detail, and I always felt like it was done with my style of play in mind."

Gavin Koors

Chowan University Goalie

"Coach Cornelius really connected with me.  I can tell he really cared about me personally and me as a goalie wanting to improve my game.  His attention to small details was exactly what I needed.  He honed in on helping me improve upon bad habits or what I was doing wrong, but most importantly he would point out and focus on all the things I was doing right, which adds incredible positive reinforcement.  Through this, you know exactly what you are doing right, increase repetition, making those certain actions more likely to be more consistent and translate to naturally instinctive in game situations.


Once you commit to working with him, he is all in.  He is flexible and will work with you on a time and place to train to make sure he can get you on the schedule no matter what.  It doesn't end with training, he checks in on you and it's like he becomes your biggest fan."

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